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Wholesale distribution

"Rsult gave is insight into our business fundamentals."

Helping wholesalers thrive

Wholesalers margins are under ever increasing pressure, with manufacturers going direct to end users, increased competition, buying trends changing just to name a few.

Now more than ever wholesalers are looking at how they can achieve more with less, focus on customer retention, finding new customers and being agile to market changes.

Helping you achieve more!

Increase your delivery reliability

The Rsult team is experienced in working with a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting solutions: this portfolio approach means we can advise you on the best option for your specific business needs. Whether you want your various processes to communicate with each other, replace legacy systems or automate manual processes, we can help.

Through adopting an ERP system, you can achieve greater automation of processes and communication between systems across your business, including purchase order processing (POP), inventory management, sales order processing and accounting. As well as greater efficiency you can also achieve efficient stock management across multiple warehouses, reliable traceability of individual goods and batches, effective price list management, reliable drop shipment and more efficient e-commerce sales.



Is your company growing and do you need to streamline and automate processes? We help you with the selection and implementation of suitable ERP software


Rsult offers you and your employees support where needed. Implementing new systems is certainly not without change and / or a small setback. We help your employees adequately and quickly.

Management reports

Would you like to be more 'in control'? We help you to combine the right data from different sources, in order to create online steering information in well-arranged dashboards.


Does your company also use various software packages where the same data is often entered? We link your data so that you no longer have to perform a manual operation.


Our experienced consultants take your staff by the hand after the implementation of various software apps. This way you can get off to a flying start and make optimum use of your investment.

Smart debtor management

We automate your debtor management with smart cloud software. Faster payments, more overview and room for personal contact. Completely package independent.

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