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As a retail entrepreneur, up-to-date management information is essential. To create a clear overview of all transactions, many manual actions are required: accounting, inventory management and cash transactions must be regularly updated. Not efficient and also error-prone.

More attention

Combining useful data

To manage all processes within your company, different software systems are essential, such as a cash register system, a stock management system and an accounting package. To eventually make an overview of all transactions, many manual actions are required. Rsult ensures the automatic processing of data from your retail company in various financial applications which  saves time and prevents errors.

In addition, Rsult can also make extensive analyses by combining financial data with sales data. All in all, the link gives you a complete picture of current figures in a system, without complex actions. With a few clicks of a button this provides more insight and less costs. Thanks to well-organized sales reports, you pay more attention to your customers.


Automatic accounting

We automate the transfer of your daily turnover data from the cash register to your accounting. No more manual processing!

Management reports

Rsult creates clear, online management reports with detailed information so that you can manage your business better. Clear data, any place, any time.


Rsult supplies and implements modern POS systems that digitize your business and meet all needs. In this way you are and remain up to date and you can easily integrate other apps.


Do you also have a webshop in addition to your retail company? We link all data so that you no longer have to perform a manual operation and you always have an up-to-date overview.


Our experienced consultants take your staff by the hand after the implementation of various software apps. This way you can get off to a flying start and make optimum use of your investment.


Is your company growing and do you need to streamline and automate processes? We help you with the selection and implementation of a suitable ERP software.

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