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"Thanks to the optimisation of our processes by Rsult, we have much more insight than before"

Better insight through integrated systems

As a restaurant business, insights into financial and operational data is necessary to be able to steer your business properly. Rsult helps with the implementation of the right systems, so you can monitor everything in one online platform. This allows you to focus on the opportunities and eliminate threats.

Combination of data

Better insight is better management

Rsult has a lot of experience in the hospitality industry. From local restaurateurs to multichannel franchise organizations. The restaurant & hospitality industry is very suitable for technological optimization of processes.

By implementing systems, data is combined into one online management information system. The combination of financial, sales and personnel data makes trends clear and provides daily, real-time management information about your company, making Excel spreadsheets a thing of the past - at least we hope!

You are no longer dependent on human actions and you can again focus on what you as an entrepreneur are best at: doing business.

A small selection of the possibilities

POS systems

Rsult supplies and implements modern POS systems that digitize your business and meet all needs. In this way you are and remain up to date and you can easily integrate other apps.

Automatic accounting

Rsult automates the transfer of your daily turnover data from the cash register to your accounting. No more manual processing, more time.


Rsult helps with the integration of other applications such as planning and reservation systems. This makes all information up to date and easier to display.

Management reports

Rsult helps you to better manage your business. By linking and displaying the correct data, your KPIs become visible in real time on clear online dashboards.


Our experienced consultants take your employees by the hand after the implementation of various software apps. This way you can get off to a flying start and make optimum use of your investment.

Smart debtor management

Restaurants make a number of purchase on a weekly basis and are then typically reconciled against a debtor statement at month end. The problem is this process is typically carried out manually.

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