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What we do for accountants

Extending your value adding services

Our consultants really scratch below the surface when engaging with both clients or prospects, and are able to identify areas of the business where technology could play a key roll in streamlining processes, helping accountancy firms add even more value clients.

Strengthening client & prospect pitches

Our team have helped accountancy firms win a number of new clients, as our industry specific experience is second to none. The combination of our accountancy partners expertise and our passion for helping businesses thrive in their sectors, is truly a match made in heaven.

Don't lose clients!

Don't have enough in-house knowledge of solutions outside of the popular smaller accounting packages in the market? Do clients require more? This is where we come into play!

A true partnership

This isn't about just referring clients to Rsult. There are a number of activities we run in conjunction with our (partner) accountancy firms to help share our knowledge.

Who we work with

We work with a number of accountancy firms (our partners) right across the United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands and the APAC region. From top 10, mid-tier, right the way through to the smaller practices. Size doesn't matter and the required service in most cases is identical, especially for those that want to stay ahead of the competition.

A lot of accountancy firms nowadays are well equipped with moving clients to software packages such as Xero, QBO or sage along with helping them to leverage scanning software and potentially reporting packages. However when it comes to clients that need more industry specific solutions or have more complex requirements, this is where we come into play!

How we do it

Requirements first and solutions second, this is imperative to us as a company and we just wouldn't have it any other way! We invest the time upfront to fully scope out and understand how clients are currently operating, how they envisage this changing going forward and potential growth plans they might have.

This coupled with a detailed analysis by one of our consultants across the clients business will ensure that we are not only taking into consideration what the client may require now, but also in the future, so we can ensure that we are recommending a platform (or combination of) that will be scalable and cover them for years to come.